13 January 2013

Book Review: "The Deceived" ("Forbidden Doors", No. 2) by Bill Myers

Author: Bill Myers
Publisher: Zondervan
Year Published: 1994 
Synopsis: Rebecca Williams and her new friend Ryan attend a seminar at the library where a guy discusses reincarnation, and claims to be Napoleon Bonaparte resurrected. Worse yet, the guy has a date with her mother! Becka's younger brother Scott knows how much danger they're in--he has experienced it himself--so, it's solely up to him to save them. Will he convince them of their wrongs, or will they simply refuse to listen?

Story: 4/5
What Bill Myers has done in previous novels, he continues to do well here.  Just like The Society, this is a fast-paced novel that delves into spiritual warfare.  Whether or not you agree with Mr. Myers' portrayal, you can't help but be riveted by it.

Writing: 5/5
Excellently written, as usual for Bill Myers.  I felt like I was there.

Moral Content: 3.5/5
Spiritual warfare is a scary thing to even think about, so, it's no surprise that this novel has some frightening moments.  What makes this even scarier than the premiere book in the series is a scene where demonic powers are used to hurt an animal.  Hypnotism is used for evil purposes in this story, but it is mentioned that opinions on such a practice are split; depending on your experiences with it, you may agree or disagree with the book's claims.

Conclusion: Add this to the long list of Bill Myers' masterworks; seriously, he is one of the best Christian authors of our time, and it's books like this that prove it.

Score: 4/5 

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