15 January 2013

Book Review: "The Spell" ("Forbidden Doors," No. 3) by Bill Myers

Author: Bill Myers
Publisher: Zondervan 
Published: 1995 
Synopsis: Christian teenager Becka Williams has barely returned from an extended stay in the hospital when she gets a mysterious phone call. The person on the other end simply says, "The spell has been cast. Your destiny belongs to me." Becka, her younger brother Scott, and their mother are rather unnerved...but matters go from bad to worse when a local church gets vandalized, and it appears that the vandals were targeting her! Who could be behind such a terrible act? Will Becka and her family stop the attempt on her life before it's too late?

Story: 4.5/5
Now that I'm somewhat well into the series, the characters' identities and backstories have become more familiar. With no need for setup, Bill Myers gets right into the drama and intensity, and, boy, is it riveting, as well as appropriately frightening.

Writing: 4/5
Bill Myers' writing is great, as usual, but this loses at least half of a point because of some rather egregious typos. Still, Mr. Myers has always had a way with words, and it's novels like this that prove it.

Conclusion: Bill Myers has delivered once again. If you've read other books of his and enjoyed them, you should definitely read this, even if you're not in the "young adult" age group. The Forbidden Doors series definitely isn't kid stuff, but, for teens and adults, this is definitely worth reading.

Score: 4/5

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