09 January 2013

Movie Review: "More Winners: The Journey"

Rated: Unrated
Starring: Christen Cornell, Jim Webb, and John Polson
Year Released: 1990
Synopsis: Another film from a DVD multi-pack, The Journey is an Australian-produced short film where a sorceress entrances a young girl to kill her best friend.  While the two young gal pals are out together, they end up meeting a couple of scalawags and find out a shocking secret that alarms both of them.

Story: 2/5
Though the basic plot is easy to follow, the movie delves into a bit of nonsense in its mere forty-eight minutes; so much so that the "big reveal" at the end simply feels forced.  Other events are simply not explained; they just seem to happen without any rhyme or reason.

Production Values: 2.5/5
The actors are good, no question, and the special effects are decent, considering that this is a telefilm from over two decades ago.  However, the video was a bit fuzzy, and badly needed remastering.

Moral Content: 1.5/5
This is where the movie really fails.  Not only is the main plot device one of murder, but the attempted stabbings and drowning, plus the references to sorcery and fortune telling, make this definitely inappropriate for youngsters.  Also, seeing a witches' brew made out of worms, frogs, and other unappetizing this is just disgusting.

Final Score: 1.5/5
Frankly, I was just thankful this film was only forty-eight minutes.  It's definitely one I won't be watching again, and I can't recommend it unless you're absolutely desperate for a Halloween-themed movie night.  I can only hope that the other films in the multi-packs I got are better than this one.

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