30 January 2013

Quickie Book Review: "Lethal Mercy" by Harry Lee Kraus, Jr.

Author: Harry Lee Kraus, Jr.
Publisher: Crossway
Originally Published: 1997
Synopsis: Jake Hampton's wife Sarah was expecting, and the two of them couldn't have been happier...until she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Out of desperation, she went to Ocean Sands, an alternative care facility, even though Jake was a licensed M.D. with his own practice.  During delivery, Sarah dies, and the evidence makes it look like Jake performed a "physician-assisted suicide" out of mercy.  Jake isn't a fan of such a practice, and he would be willing to prove his innocence...if only he hadn't blacked out when it happened!  Did Jake really kill his wife, or is someone trying to frame him? If so, who--or what--could be behind such a thing?

Review: I'll be honest: Dr. Kraus' books are usually absorbing medical thrillers, but this one is definitely the worst of his that I've read.  Not only is the novel overly long, but the out-of-order chronology goes from tolerable to annoying as the book progresses.  If you are new to the works of Dr. Harry Kraus, I would suggest starting with The Stain, which blew me away in many ways.  It's still passable; I've read much worse, but this isn't what I've come to expect from Christian fiction's resident M.D.

Score: 2.5/5

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