17 February 2013

Quickie Book Review: "Apocalypse" by Peter and Paul Lalonde

Synopsis: Helen Hannah is a veteran reporter for World News Network, but the news coming down the pike shocks even her.  First, the worst fighting ever breaks out in the Holy Land, complete with tons of missiles and other weapons of mass destruction; then, millions of people around the world disappear; and, to make matters worse, those still around are worshiping United Nations consultant Franco Macalousso as a Messiah.  Hannah and her co-host/love interest Bronson Pearl know the real truth: that the disappearances are because of the Rapture, and Macalousso is the Antichrist.  Still, Macalousso will stop at nothing until Hannah, Pearl, and all the others who refuse to submit to his belief system are either on his side or dead...but the Christians aren't giving up!  Based on the movie released by Cloud Ten Pictures.

Review: I got this movie novelization as part of a free book giveaway, so, frankly, I wasn't expecting much.  Still, upon reading it, I found that the writing was much better than usual for a book based on a film or television show; it actually felt like an original story.  I'd avoided the movie previously--I mistook it for Countdown: Jerusalem, which is supposed to be among the worst flicks ever--but, now, my curiosity is piqued for not only Apocalypse, but the rest of the film quadrilogy as well.  The one qualm I do have is that the book is short and ends abruptly; you should have either the remaining films or books on hand, because you'll definitely want to know what happens next.

Score: 3.75/5

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