09 February 2013

Quickie Book Review: "*batteries not included" by Wayland Drew

Synopsis: Frank and Faye Riley are an elderly couple; Faye's Alzheimer's leads her to believe that she sees her son everywhere, even though he died in a car crash years ago.  Marisa Esteval is a young lady who is expecting...and unwed.  They, and others, live in a building that is on the verge of being destroyed.  It seems that only a miracle can save them and their dwelling now...but the kind of miracle they get is something that no one would ever expect or even believe.  Based on a Steven Spielberg film.

Review: This was a weird one.  I've never seen the movie this book is based on, but I'm not sure I would want to do that now.  Though I love a good science-fiction/fantasy yarn, this doesn't seem to have one; it almost seems like the movie was sheer spectacle, just like Michael Bay's Transformers flicks supposedly are.  Those who are fanatical about the movie *batteries not included (sic) would probably enjoy this, but everyone else should just skip it.

Content Concerns: Contains about ten or fifteen profanities, some violent scenes, discussion of an unmarried woman being pregnant, and a scene with an alien being nearly dying.

Score: 1.75/5

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