15 February 2013

Quickie Book Review: "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews

Synopsis: In this successful humorous text, the author shares some fundamental principles that work towards improving the quality of life for everyone.
(From the book's Goodreads page) 

Review: Lately, I have been feeling quite a bit of despair.  It just seems like things haven't been going my way.  After expressing such emotions to a friend, she let me borrow this book, and it was quite informative and very entertaining.  Presented in an easily accessible style, Andrew Matthews uses both essay-style explanations and cute comic drawings to teach concepts that are easy to understand, but difficult to master.  I have no idea if this book is still in print--my edition is copyrighted 1990, which means it is almost as old as me--but it's definitely a treasure.  If you know someone who is down in the dumps, seek this book out on eBay or Amazon Marketplace--that is, unless you already have it--and let them read it.  You will be glad you did...and so will they.

Score: 4.5/5

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