03 February 2013

Quickie Book Review: "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordon MacDonald

Synopsis: Believe it or not, most people give more attention to the public world than their private world.  Unfortunately, those who devote too much time to the public world are usually living a wreck.  Drawing from various Biblical passages, as well as the writings of Christian thinkers such as C. S. Lewis, Gordon MacDonald shows us that inner victory is necessary for public effectiveness.

Review: I don't usually read non-fiction, but this was part of a three-book Gordon MacDonald omnibus I won at a party recently, so, I figured, why not check it out? I ended up being glad I did; Mr. MacDonald had some wonderful thoughts, and he explains his concepts quite well.  If you've read and enjoyed the writings of Max Lucado or C. S. Lewis, you should definitely check this out.

Score: 4.25/5

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