12 February 2013

Quickie Book Review: "Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man: Triple Threat"

Synopsis: Three of Marvel's greatest superheroes are featured in this graphic novel omnibus.  Thor is struggling with revealing his true self to a woman who is in love with him...but thinks of him as only a mild-mannered doctor!  When villains cause a zoo exhibit to go awry, and only that Asgardian can stop it, will she find out who he really is?  Captain America is brought from days past to the current time; can he find out what his purpose is here? When a kid falls into a well and finds a Stark Industries piece of equipment, Iron Man is sent out to find out the truth...but even he will be surprised by the turn of events!

Review: Though each story arc is shorter than a Saturday morning cartoon, it still made for enjoyable, if quick, reading for this superhero fan.  Maybe, if I found some thicker, longer graphic novels, the stories would be more complex, but this one was good for what it was.

Content Concerns: Along with the expected violence, the Thor story has him battling a hideous monster, which might scare some kids.  You might want to screen this one before handing it to a little kid.

Score: 3.75/5

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