26 April 2013

Album Review: "VICTORiOUS 3.0: Even More Music From the Hit TV Show"

Synopsis: It's the end for Tori Vega and friends! Before signing off, Tori, Jade, Cat, and André have some songs to share with you.  Whether they're lauding guys who live in Los Angeles ("L.A. Boys,") expressing honest love ("365 Days,") turning down someone's advances ("Faster Than Boys,") or just being rebellious ("You Don't Know Me,") this EP is the last hurrah (music-wise, anyway) for the kids at Hollywood Arts!

Production Values: 4.25/5

I'll do this track by track:
  1. "Here's 2 Us": A rocking, yet sweet, song. 4.5/5
  2. "L.A. Boys": Great, but not excellent. 4/5
  3. "Bad Boys": A bit mediocre. 3.5/5
  4. "You Don't Know Me": The best song on the album. 5/5
  5. "Faster Than Boyz": Probably the second best track. 4.75/5
  6. "Cheer Me Up" (Wal-Mart Exclusive): More of a ballad-esque feel, but still pretty good. 4.25/5
  7. "365 Days" (Wal-Mart Exclusive): Just as middle-of-the-road as "Bad Boys". 3.5/5
Moral Content: 4.75/5

Again, track by track:
  1. "Here's 2 Us": Completely innocent. 5/5
  2. "L.A. Boys": Same as above. 5/5
  3. "Bad Boys": A line about "touching" may raise a few eyebrows; other than that, good.  4/5
  4. "You Don't Know Me": A bit rebellious, but still innocent. 4.5/5
  5. "Faster Than Boyz": Rejects a guy without getting nasty. 5/5
  6. "Cheer Me Up" (Wal-Mart Exclusive): Completely innocent as well. 5/5
  7. "365 Days" (Wal-Mart Exclusive): Same as above. 5/5
 Conclusion: This farewell album for the VICTORiOUS is better than its predecessor in some ways, but not it others.  Fans of the show should pick it up, but I would suggest getting the Wal-Mart "Zine" edition, which comes with two extra tracks and a bonus mini-magazine.  I don't know if Wallyworld still has any in stock, but eBay probably has some available.

Score: 4.5/5

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