26 April 2013

Album Review: "Where I Wanna Be" by V*Enna

Synopsis: Before feeling the call to serve God in other ways, Lucy Britten and Sharnessa Shelton were V*Enna, a Christian pop duo.  Their sole album, Where I Wanna Be, has a teen-pop vibe with nothing but positive lyrics.  Songs about wanting to be in God's presence (the title track,) having a close friendship ("Best Friends,") or wondering why a former significant other was let go ("Why Did I Let You Go?") are just a few of the great songs on this CD.

Production Values: 5/5
Every single song on the CD is worth a listen; no joke.  Whereas some "classic" albums have a bad track or two, there is not one on Where I Wanna Be.  The pop stylings, the vocals, the harmonies...it is all amazing.

Moral Content: 5/5
There is also nothing potentially objectionable on this CD, either.  Of course, that's to be expected, right?

Conclusion: I first heard the title track to this album on a WOW CD, and liked it so much that I had to seek out the rest of the album.  When I got it through a special request at my local library, it was so awesome that I had to buy it; eBay turned out to be the only option, as iTunes and Amazon MP3 didn't have it.  Where I Wanna Be may prove to be hard to find, but it is definitely worth it.  I would say that it is a shame that Ms. Britten and Ms. Shelton never made any more music, but, if God called them to other ministries, who's to say they're wrong for heeding His call?

Score: 5/5

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