26 April 2013

Book Review: "Peculiar Treasures" ("Katie Weldon", No. 1) by Robin Jones Gunn

Synopsis: Katie Weldon caught the bouquet at her best friend Christy Miller's wedding, which, as tradition would have it, means that she will be the next to get married.  Unfortunately, Katie is sans boyfriend right now; though she has some feelings with her "almost boyfriend" Rick, both of them are unsure whether or not to take their relationship to the next level.  Katie also has a new job: a dorm counselor at a Christian college.  Add in stresses over her mother, who couldn't care less about her, and Katie has got a lot on her plate...but things are about to get even dicier!

Plot: 3.5/5
The core story is relatively interesting, but it suffers a bit from too much bickering between characters, especially Katie and Rick.  If they keep doing each other wrong, why would they be interested in a serious relationship? It'll be interesting to see where Mrs. Gunn takes Katie and Rick; for right now, they're arguing like Tim and Jill Taylor, but without the laughs.

Writing: 4.25/5
Robin Jones Gunn continues to do what she did well in her previous "young adult" series.  There was a rough spot or two, but the prose flows well, and the writing makes the story easy to follow.

Moral Content: 4/5
Morally correct talk of sex is present, as is a scene where Katie is asked if she is pregnant; she truthfully says she isn't.  No profanity, violence, drug use, nudity, or anything of that sort.

Conclusion: I've read the entire Sierra Jensen and Christy Miller series--twelve books each!--in the past year or so; since I enjoyed them, of course, I would want to read this sequel of sorts.  Though this premiere episode wasn't all it could have been, it still interests me enough to make me want to read the next one; now, if only I could find it!

Score: 3.75/5

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