15 June 2013

Quickie Audio Drama Review: "The Hiding Place" by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Written by: Corrie ten Boom (original book) / Dave Arnold (dramatization)
Starring: Brother Andrew, Wendy Craig, Isla Blair, Alec McCowan, et. al.
Released: April 21, 2005 (audio cassette and CD)
Synopsis: Corrie and Betsie ten Boom were merely two sisters who worked in their Father's watchmaking factory in Holland.  As World War II erupts, and Holland becomes subject to the Nazis, the ten Boom family does their Christian duty and helps the Jews by hiding them in their house.  Despite the persecution they and others face, they never lose sight of God, even teaching others about Him and His Word.  Based on a true story.

Review: This is a little bit different than the usual entertainment I consume; therefore, this review will be different as well.  Not only was the "audio drama" very well-produced--seriously, it sounded amazing on my headphones; I can only imagine how it amazing it would be on surround sound--but the story brings home a point that I have needed to hear for quite a while now.  I've always found it difficult to forgive others; instead of wanting to let people's wrongs go, I've always wanted them to suffer dearly, no matter what they had done.  When I listened Corrie and Betsie were wronged in ways I've never been, yet they were still willing to offer their forgiveness, that really "cut me to the heart".

Content Concerns: As with the book, this is a good story, but it's a bit too intense for children.  The emotional scenes, as well as the sound effects that imply violence, could freak some kids out.  The terms "wench" and "shut up" are used.

Score: 4.5/5

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