31 August 2013

Quickie Series Review: "The Brick Bible"

It's no secret that Legos are insanely popular. They have gone beyond mere building blocks and have inspired a theme park, movies and television shows, and multiple computer and video games, many of which also tie in with other popular franchises, such as Star Wars or DC Comics. In these two books, Brendan Powell Smith illustrates stories from God's Word using those popular blocks. Though his work here is admirable, he left out some very important stories, especially in the old Testament. Job and Esther could have had some dramatic images, but they are completely left out. Even the Sunday school favorite Jonah is missing.

As if that wasn't bad enough, despite kid-friendly appearances, this book isn't for children. Circumcision, rape, insect, and murder are depicted or implied. Most if not all of the Lego computer/video games were rated E10+ at worst, but, if this were a video game, it would get T, not only because of the violence, but also because of the themes. Granted, those go with the Bible stories being told, but young children don't need to hear about Laban's daughters having sexual relations with their own father, or what circumcision even is. It's less graphic than what you're likely to see in the average "R" film, but it still was too mich for me, and many others are likely to feel the same way. The scary visuals in some scenes would also be unsettling to younger readers as well. This series had potential, and I have no doubt that Lego fanatics would love it...but I didn't.

Score: 2.25/5

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