16 November 2013

I'm Done with "The X Factor"...and My "Celebrity Crushes"...For Good This Time!

Rated: TV-14 for language and off-color dialogue
Starring: Mario Lopez, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, and Paulina Rubio
Released: September 21, 2011 (Fox series premiere)
This is sort of an entertainment review, so, I'll post it here: A few weeks ago, I started watching The X Factor on Fox.  Though I like competition shows--as long as they're relatively morally decent--the main attractor for me was Demi Lovato, who was serving as judge.  Though I've liked her for a while, I made her my "number one" after I couldn't stop listening to her songs several weeks ago.  However, I am now giving up on the show.  Why? Simply because the people voting--and even the judges--have no idea what they're doing.  When they were down to the top forty-eight acts, I was a big fan of Victoria Carriger and Danie Geimer...but they got eliminated before America could vote.  To make matters worse, the two best acts in the competition--in my opinion, anyway--got voted off this past week, which makes no sense.  Even Rolling Stone writer Katy Kroll said, "You're joking, right, America? Because there's no way X Factor viewers cast their votes with a straight face this week. It's got to be pure sabotage." After this week's results, I've simply had enough, and will spend my weekday evenings with a book, a DVD, and/or the Disney Channel.

It's not just that, though; I'm done with the whole "celebrity crush" thing in general.  Though I'm not going to wipe my hard drive clean of anything related to Demi Lovato and friends--after all, celebrities and entertainment are my trademarks--there is no reason for me to have a celebrity that I call my "number one".  That's just a leftover bad habit from the days when I was hopelessly obsessed with whatever or whoever.  I can like a celebrity, and appreciate his/her work, but I don't need to bandy his/her name about like he/she is my best friend.  There's no need for me to bend over backwards to see a show with Demi Lovato in it that isn't even that great in the first place.

You all know that entertainment is my thing...and it will continue to be.  You probably also know that, as long as it is Christian-themed and/or morally decent, it's fair game to me.  What I think I need to do is expand my horizons a bit, and not just align with certain genres of entertainment, or movies/shows that feature my favorite stars.  Just after Christmas last year, when I ventured out of my normal territory and watched an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I was surprised at how awesome it was.  Maybe I need to do that more; there are likely various pieces of entertainment that I have avoided, but would like if I actually gave them a chance.  (Isn't that what I've been telling you all to do with my shows?)  You can expect to see the reviews on here!

Final Score:

X Factor: 0/5
Celebrity Crushes: 0/5

Three words: Who needs them?

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