26 May 2014

Quickie Movie Review: "Mail to the Chief"

Rated: TV-G
Starring: Bill Switzer, Randy Quaid, and Holland Taylor
Released: 2000 (Wonderful World of Disney premiere)
Kenneth "Kenny" Witkowski (Bill Switzer) is just a regular eighth grader...until, via an online chat room, he converses with "Average Joe", who ends up being none other than the President of the United States (Randy Quaid)!  President Osgood, however, is having trouble with his re-election campaign, only because the citizens feel that he isn't connecting with them.  Kenny gives him quite a bit of advice, and the polls go up...but, President Osgood's opponent is onto him, foreign governments find out, and, worst of all, Kenny's parents believe he is lying through his teeth and proceed to ground him! Will the truth be revealed once and for all...without hurting the Chief Executive's chances at a second term?
From ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney.

My Review
I often find that telefilms--also known as TV movies--are not really worth watching more than once.  No matter how entertaining they are, there's no reason to pop the disc or tape in again, unless you've completely forgotten that you ever saw it in the first place.  Such is the case with this film.  Sure, it's entertaining and light-hearted, and rather fun at times, but, I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch it again and again.  Even Disneyphiles--of which I am one, to a degree--will likely wish they only rented it.

Content Concerns

Sex: A few kisses, and a remark that "summer was good to" a girl, and that she "could pass for ninth grade." 4/5
Nudity: Girls and women in short skirts, and a girl's outfit shows a little of her midriff. 4.5/5
Language: "Crap" is used twice. "Dork" is used as an insult. 4.5/5
Violence: Hardly any.  A violent video game is referenced, but nothing graphic is shown onscreen.  A would-be robber is thwarted by guns being pointed at him, but no shots are fired. 4.5/5
Drugs: It is speculated that a boy is on drugs, but the viewer knows it isn't true. 4.5/5
Frightening/Intense Scenes: Kenny is bullied, but it is more demeaning than violent. An argument between Kenny and his parents is slightly intense. 4/5
Other: Kenny hacks into his school's computer system to help a girl cheat, and is never punished for his actions. 4/5

Score: 3.5/5

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