16 June 2014

Book Review: "Mothership" ("Ever-Expanding Universe", No. 1)

Author(s): Martin Leicht and Isla Neal
Published: July 10, 2012 by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Elvie Nara was just a regular teenager living in 2074. Her plans for the future included colonizing Mars, and she is a wizard with computers. Unfortunately, a chance encounter with a mysterious classmate left her pregnant, and she is now attending a space station school for expecting adolescent mothers. When the ship gets invaded, she is quick to defend herself...but she soon discovers that the invasion is led by Cole, the guy who got her pregnant, but is not what he seems to be at all. Surprises and adventure abound in this "young adult" novel.

The Good 
For something with such subject matter, this book is remarkably well-written, and the plot kept me involved the whole time. Even the flashback plot device, which usually annoys me, didn't in this case. I also liked the ending: Elvie keeps her baby, and it turns out to be not what she and Cole expected. The beginning of the second novel, which was at the back of the copy I had, showed matters getting even dicier. 

The Bad 
The language, for one; I understand what typical teen vernacular is these days, but, was it necessary to have a profanity or crude remark on practically every page? Sexual dialogue also abounded. Not only that, but, Elvie considers having an abortion, and she talks about others in quite ugly ways.  

This is definitely different from what I usually read, but even I need a break from my usual fare. The writing, story, and ending were good, but, the rest of it isn't worth trudging through--at least, for a discerning reader--to get to that.

Score: 1.75/5

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