30 June 2014

Quickie Book Review: "Changing Leads" ("Pine Hollow", No. 4)

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Published: 1999 by Bantam
It's back to school for Stevie and friends, but the problems that arose over the summer are still lingering.  For one, Scott is still upset with Stevie over the accident that injured his sister, Callie.  To make matters worse, Stevie's significant other starts hanging out with him.  Will they ever be able to make amends? After a summer in sunny California, Lisa is back in her home of Virginia, but she still feels like an outsider among her friends.  Can she get back in step with them? Meanwhile, Carole's new responsibilities at work threaten her relationship with one of her best friends.  Is their friendship doomed?

My Review
I had two quibbles with this one.  First off: The accident happened in the first book; how much longer are they going to talk about it? Second off: What's with the usage of profanity? Though there's only one case of it, I thought these books would be free of such language.  Other than that, I enjoyed this one; I just hope the verging into "PG" territory isn't indicative of even worse moral content to come.

Score: 3/5

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