29 June 2014

Quickie Book Review: "The Undead" ("Forbidden Doors", No. 8)

Author(s): Bill Myers (creator) / James Riordan (writer)
Published: 1997 by Tyndale
Becka and her boyfr...er, best friend Ryan travel to Transylvania, where a teenaged actress believes that she is being haunted by a real-life vampire while filming a movie.  Not sure whether or not the young star is delusional, Becka and Ryan investigate her claims...but Ryan ends up falling for the starlet! Will they find whoever or whatever this bloodsucker is? Can Becka rein her best friend back in?

My Review
Like episodes of a television show, the books in this series are fairly consistent.  The adventures may change a bit from time to time, but the nature of the stories is the same.  This one's ending is a little different--I don't want to give it away--but it was still enjoyable nonetheless.  Fans of the Forbidden Doors series up to this point will find plenty to like about this eighth outing.

Score: 4/5

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