12 July 2014

Book Review: "The Chair"

Author: James L. Rubart
Published: 2011 by Broadman and Holman
Corin Roscoe, an antique dealer and restorer, is given a chair that is said to be made by none other than Jesus Christ.  Corin doesn't really believe in such things…until a young boy is healed of his asthma after sitting in it, which makes headlines everywhere.  The pastor of a mega-church tries to trick Corin into handing it over, but, the lady who gave him the chair told him it was his duty to protect the chair at all costs.  Corin wants more than anything to heal the rift between him and his brother, who was severely injured in an accident several years ago thanks to Corin's mistake…but does the chair really possess such power? If so, how will Corin ever convince his brother to sit in it? The two of them are going to be in for a big surprise…

My Review
James L. Rubart is a relatively new Christian author whose storytelling talents can't be denied.  Much like C. S. Lewis, he uses the power of allegory to both teach and entertain.  This story made me realize that I can't progress until I move on from my past…and that's just what I plan on doing!  My hat's off to you, Mr. Rubart!

Score: 4.5/5

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