06 July 2014

Book Review: "Dragon Weather"

Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans
Published: 1999 by Tor
Arlian was content with village life on the Smoking Mountain…until the dragons came and destroyed everyone he loved and everything he had.  Without family, friends, or property, Arlian is determined to avenge his loved ones and his village…but will his mission be his undoing?
The first in a trilogy.

The Good
Lawrence Watt-Evans is a talented writer, no question.  His prose here is crisp and exciting.  There is also plenty of action and suspense.  Arlian is a likable hero, and the kind for whom you can't help but cheer.

The Bad
There was a small amount of profanity, but the main problems are the violence and sexual content.  The rather lurid description of a woman's nude body was unnecessary, and at least one character is killed only for sport.  Some of the violent scenes are bloody as well.  Not only that, but…the novel runs a little too long; some trimming would have helped.

A great, well-written story that was muddled by inappropriate content and too much length; that's how I can best sum up Dragon Weather.  I have the next two novels in my collection, but I'm not sure now if I'm going to read them.

Score: 3/5

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