05 July 2014

Manga Review: "Speed Racer: Mach Go Go Go": Volume One

Author: Tatsuo Yoshida
Published: 2008 by Digital Manga
For the first time ever, the original Speed Racer manga--known as Mach a Go Go Go in Japan--has come to American shores! These were the genesis of the classic cartoon and the Wachowski brothers live-action film.  With the regular cast of characters--Pops, Trixie, Spritle, Chim-Chim, Sparky, and Speed himself--you'll cheer as everyone's favorite cartoon racer faces one challenge after another…and triumphs!

The Good
I'm fairly new to this whole manga thing, but, I think the old entertainment rule applies here: You can't beat the classics.  Since these comics are the basis for an anime that came to American shores decades ago, these are definitely old-school, but still very fun.  The art style is very polished, though I'm unsure why some of the panels are in color and others aren't.  Every race is thrilling and exciting, even though the outcome is pretty much obvious.

The Bad
There were a few profanities, which, though only "PG" level, were surprising for what most would consider a kid's comic.  Also, one sequence features a big, ugly monster that I didn't really care for, and felt out of place in a series like this.

Despite being a longtime fan of old-school television, I'm largely unfamiliar with the character of Speed Racer.  I've only seen about a minute or two of the original anime, though I did watch and enjoy the live-action movie that came out a few years back; I even have its theme song on my iPod.  After reading the original manga, I think Speed Racer is one classic show I need to check out.  Despite their few unfortunate moments, these Japanese comics were crazy fun!

Score: 4.5/5

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