08 July 2014

TV Series Review: "Incredible Crew"

Rated: TV-PG
Starring: Nick Cannon, Chanelle Peloso, and Tristan Pasterick
Released: December 31, 2012 - April 11, 2013 (Cartoon Network premieres)
Nick Cannon, formerly of Nickelodeon and America's Got Talent, has a crew of incredible up and coming young stars in this Cartoon Network sketch comedy! With various skits such as "Carter the Startler," "Sticker Friend," "Emoticonnie," and "Origami Snowball," Incredible Crew is sure to entertain!

The Good
Well, Chanelle Peloso is attractive, and at least there's nothing sexual, like there is in way too many "TV-PG" comedies.  Also, the theme song is decent…and that's about all the praise I can give it.

The Bad
You have no idea what a strain it was to write the above synopsis and sound positive.  Anything good about this show--even its innocence--is overcome by one major problem: It is not funny.  Instead of the insanity and off-the-wall craziness you get from shows like All That or Sonny With a Chance, the attempts at humor here are so stark in their strangeness, it's depressing and downright disturbing.  That's likely why the show got low ratings and was eventually cancelled.

When I was younger, there were many short-lived shows that I thought were great: Kids Say the Darndest Things, Meego, Weakest Link, The Next Great American Band, Emeril, The Chair, and some others I'm probably not thinking of at the moment.  Since I've hardly seen even any scenes from those shows in ages, I'm not sure whether or not I would like them now; maybe, if I did, I'd realize why they flopped and why no one else seems to remember most of them.  Going into Incredible Crew, I was prepared for it to be a treat; Chanelle Peloso, who recently starred alongside Zendaya in Disney Channel's Zapped was in it, and sketch comedies tend to be hilarious; I can hardly watch All That without laughing out loud, especially when Lori Beth Denberg is onscreen.  Sure, Incredible Crew had low viewership ratings and negative reviews…but what do those people know? Apparently, more than I gave them credit for, because this show is such a dud, I couldn't even finish the first episode, though I did watch part of another one, and found it just as inane.  I can't believe I wasted twenty bucks on this series on iTunes; thank goodness I didn't buy it in high definition, or else I'd be out even more! Next time, I'll think twice before buying a flop series just because some pretty young actress is in it.

Score: 1/5

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