24 August 2014

Book Review: "The First Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack"

Author: Jim Davis
Published: 1980 - 1981 (original books) / 1993 (original omnibus) / 2001 (colorized deluxe edition) by Ballantine Books
Sure, everyone knows that Garfield is a fat orange cat who loves lasagna...but, what do you really know about the Tubby Tabby's origins? This three-book omnibus starts with the very first strip, and shows Garfield's early days, his first encounter with Odie, and when Jon first became smitten with Liz.  Though the art style may be different, the strip as we know it today would not exist had it not been for these early strips.  Better yet, this newer edition is entirely in full color, making these classic comics look better than ever.

The Good
These comics first appeared several years before I was born, but, the fact that they literally made me laugh out loud is a testament to the timelessness of Jim Davis' humor.  The colorized strips look much better than they did in their original black and white form, though purists may feel otherwise.  Pretty much everything about this book was good, except...

The Bad
Though there's no profanity, the humor is a bit edgier than modern fans are used to, which may make some parents hesitant to hand this to their young children.  Also, the last volume in the omnibus ends in the middle of a storyline; you might want to have the next installment ready if you want to see what happens next.

Garfield is right up there with computers as one of the things I've always liked.  I can still remember reading the comics in the paper as a kid, and laughing out loud at the Tubby Tabby.  Maybe I'm just biased, but, I can't see why people would hate the strip...but, they still do; one former Facebook friend once said, "I'd rather be stuck in a Turkish prison than be forced to watch Garfield." Many sites online have also dissed the character, the strip, and even its creator, Jim Davis.  I honestly think they haven't given it enough of a chance; if you're largely unfamiliar with the strip, check out this book and decide for yourself whether it's any good or not

Score: 4.75/5

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