27 August 2014

Book Review: "The Second Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack"

Author: Jim Davis
Published: 1982 - 1983 (original separate volumes) / 1994 (omnibus edition) by Ballantine Books
The adventures of the beloved Tubby Tabby continue in this second omnibus.  Garfield does a cat food commercial, gets hijacked by a duck, loses his mind, fights the Sludge Monster, and meets a lady cat...all in the name of laughs! Three books in one means three times the fun!
(Parts of this were taken from the book's back cover.)

The Good
Even though I've been reading these comics for years, I still got a good laugh out of them.  Contrary to what some people think, Jim Davis actually has a talent for humor; or, at least, he did in the early years of the strip, as the famous fat cat does a lot more here than eat lasagna.

The Bad
There were a few crude bits; that's about the only complaint I have.

Out of all of the books in my collection, The Second Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack is the one I've had the longest.  Most of what's on my bookshelves currently have been recent additions, but, I've had this one since I was in third grade; nearly two decades ago.  I'm not going to be trading it in, either; the condition is too bad for them to accept it, but...why would I want to get rid of a book that makes me laugh that hard, anyway? If you're a faithful reader of the comics in the daily paper, you should check out these vintage installments; you'll probably be glad that you did.

Score: 4.75/5

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