18 August 2014

DVD Review: "Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler"

Rated: G (Canadian Home Video Rating)
Starring: Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki
Released: 2005 (DVD)
Sheerluck Holmes (portrayed by Larry the Cucumber) is known as the greatest detective in all of London...but, his faithful assistant, Dr. Watson (played by Bob the Tomato), feels that Sheerluck never gives him any credit.  When Buckingham Palace is robbed of a very important item, Holmes and Watson are called to help...but, tired of living in Sheerluck's shadow, Dr. Watson ditches him, leaving Holmes to solve the case on his own.  Will Sheerluck learn the right way to treat a friend before it's too late? Also, Larry sings a Silly Song about a ball stuck in a gated community!
Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Good
As I mentioned in my previous VeggieTales review, it is amazing what the animators at Big Idea can do.  The lighting, textures, shading, and other effects looked awesome, as did the set design.  As usual, there is a moral to the story, and it's one that even adults need to be reminded of from time to time.  This episode's Silly Song ends with Larry getting his ball back, which made me happy.  The ending also was a bit of a surprise; I thought the whodunit was going to end rather differently.  That's all I'll say as not to give it away.

The Bad
Only one complaint I really have: The musical numbers--other than the Silly Song, that is--went on too long, and were slightly inane; then again, those in the target audience may feel differently.

After a long hiatus, I have watched three VeggieTales episodes so far this month; I hope to watch more in the future.  I have to say, the production values of Sheerluck Holmes were impressive, and the story was pretty good; I can see why Larry, Bob, and friends are well-known, even outside of the Christian community.  Most VeggieTales fans have likely already seen this; if you haven't...well, you should watch it!

Score: 4/5

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