04 August 2014

Graphic Novel Review: "Star Wars Omnibus: The Complete Saga: Episodes I through VI"

You've probably seen the Star Wars movies...but never quite like this! Each of the six live-action films is given the graphic novel treatment, complete with full-color artwork from some of the biggest names in the comics industry.  You'll be enchanted once again as Anakin Skywalker goes from innocent desert slave to the evil cyborg Darth Vader, and is redeemed by his own son.  The grandeur of the movies has been brought to a new format: the comics.

The Good
Each of the comic adaptations is a summed up version of the movie, but they do quite well in conveying the cinematic scenes, as well as the feelings the films evoke.  The artwork style is a bit better in the adaptations of the original trilogy, but all of the comics are well-done.  Also, the profanities in A New Hope are left out in this version.

The Bad
Strangely enough, the profanities that were in Attack of the Clones were unfortunately included.  Not only that, but, a bloody scene--you fans know what I'm talking about--in A New Hope is made a bit more creepy in this graphic novel adaptation.

Though a select few people despise the franchise, pretty much everyone likes Star Wars.  I'm actually a different sort of fan; though I like the films, I enjoy the books even more.  Still, I found these comics to be a good refresher on the events of the films, on which the Expanded Universe books are based.  Fans of the original and prequel trilogies will find plenty to like about these comics; however, if you're not a fan of the movies, nothing in this omnibus will change your mind.

Score: 4.5/5

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