19 August 2014

TV DVD Review: "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive": Volume Four: "Star of Isis"

Rated: TV-Y7 for fantasy violence (US) / PG: "Violence, Frightening Scenes" (Canada)
Starring: James McFay, Caitlin Murphy, Samuell Benta, Rhoda Montemayor, Gareth Yuen, and Dwayne Cameron
Released: 2007 (Jetix premieres)
Surprises abound as the Rangers seek the fourth of five jewels.  Between new enemies, new allies, and new weapons, the Rangers are in for the fight of their lives.  Mr. Hartford, the one who helped them become Power Rangers, is willing to help by creating new technology to help them in battle...but, with such diabolical villains, will that be enough?

The Good
The synopsis above was generic because I didn't want to give away some of the plot points, which were a bit surprising, even for me.  Not only was the story gripping, but, as with previous volumes of this season, the action sequences were spot-on, the acting was great, and the special effects, while a little cheesy at times, were still light years ahead of the original Mighty Morphin series.  The usual lack of sexual content, nudity, and drug use also made things better.

The Bad
The villain in the first two episodes has to be the most hideous bad guy I've seen in any incarnation of this series.  Sure, the Rangers' foes are intentionally unattractive; even Miratrix, a human-looking villainess, is rather homely.  This one guy, though, takes the cake.  Also, Mack, the Red Ranger, shows some disrespect towards his father towards the end, which, even given the situation, was a bit upsetting.  Though this volume mostly free of profanity, one episode has Spencer the butler misusing God's name.

I'm in the home stretch now! After finishing this today, I've got just one more volume left of this season.  So far, even with its rough moments, it's been a great ride; this one was a bit different because of the surprises which I won't reveal here.  Like I've said in my previous reviews: If you liked the previous volumes...you'll like this one, too.

Score: 4.25/5

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