08 August 2014

TV DVD Review: "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive": Volume Two: "Toru Diamond"

Rated: TV-Y7 for fantasy violence (US) / PG: "Violence, Frightening Scenes" (Canada)
Starring: James McFay, Caitlin Murphy, Samuell Benta, Rhoda Montemayor, and Gareth Yuen Released: 2007 (Jetix premieres)
The action continues in this second volume, as the Rangers are on the hunt for yet another jewel.  With three different enemies on their trail, though, things are bound to get crazy.  When the Rangers find a parchment that tells of the location of the diamond they seek, villainess Miratrix stops at nothing to get it.  It's going to take everything the Rangers have got to thwart her plans and find the gem...but, will that be enough?

The Good
What the series did well in the first volume, it continues to excel at in this second one.  Miratrix is a convincing villainess, the Rangers are likable yet imperfect heroes, and even one villain realizes the error of his ways.  Lessons include putting aside personal dreams for the greater good and the consequences of being selfish.  The fight sequences are definitely intense, but they're done quite well, and the usage of computer imagery is impressive.  Also, the lack of profanity, sexual content, drug use, and nudity--though that's kind of to be expected--made this more enjoyable.

The Bad
As with the first volume, the fight scenes are relentless; also, some of the monstrous villains could scare some young viewers.  Probably the most significant issue is that a character is shown shedding blood; it's teal-colored, alien blood, but still blood nonetheless.

You might think that this second volume would be more of the same; it is, in a way, but, now that the introductions are out of the way, the focus is more on the action and the characterization, which improves matters a bit.  I'm honestly looking forward to continuing this series; thankfully, I have all of the DVDs.  If you liked the first volume, you'll likely enjoy this one, too!

Score: 4.25/5

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