15 August 2014

TV Set Review: "House of Anubis": Volume Two

Rated: TV-G
Starring: Nathalia Ramos, Brad Kavanagh, Jade Ramsey, Ana Mulvoy Ten, Eugene Simon, Bobby Lockwood, Alex Sawyer, Tasie Dhanraj, Klariza Clayton, and Mina Anwar
Released: January - February 2011 (Nickelodeon/TeenNick premieres)
The mysteries surrounding Anubis House are growing; Nina, Fabian, and Amber, aka the Sibuna club, are bound and determined to figure it all out...but they can't allow the teachers or their classmates to find out what they're doing! With romances that are both budding and ending, a school play, a strange private investigator named Rufus Zeno, and a surprise sighting of Joy, will the kids figure out the big secret before it's too late?

The Good
What the first volume did well, this second outing does even better.  More episodes means more suspense, more secrets, and a more convoluted story, and that's what you get here.  The actors all do a wonderful job, and the series excels at appropriately devoting time to comedy, drama, and mystery.  Even the plot is quite gripping. If the first volume made you a fan of the series, you definitely will like this one.

The Bad
The only real complaint I have is the closed captioning; it's terribly annoying to have it lag, especially when thick British accents make the dialogue hard to hear at lower volumes.  Also, a plot device that uses allegations of a teacher/student scandal may cause uncomfortable questions from young children.  As with the first volume, some moments may be too freaky for little ones.

Nickelodeon did a great thing when they released this series; although decidedly different from iCarly, All That, or SpongeBob SquarePants, this is a great show with an amazingly involving plot.  Minor complaints aside, kids and adults will find plenty to like about it.

Score: 4.5/5

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