21 March 2015

Quickie Movie Review: "A Distant Thunder"

Rated: Not Rated
Starring: Deborah Flora, Ned Vaughn, and Peter Renaday
Released: 2005
Synopsis: Things are not always as they seem, especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind in this gripping supernatural thriller.  Struggling to keep her fragile sanity from unraveling, Prosecutor Ann Brown (Deborah Flora) is offered a murder case that will challenge everything she believes to be true.  Uncertain whether or not to accept the assignment at first, a harrowing encounter with Defense Attorney Tom Condan (Ned Vaughn) convinces her to meet the challenge.  The deeper she investigates, reality and tormenting delusions collide as she encounters an evil force that is as unnerving as it is foreboding.  In this award-winning movie, terrifying secrets are exposed, and you'll discover the shocking twist which will reveal the chilling and unforeseeable truth.
(Adapted from the back cover of the DVD)

My Review: This film may be a bit short, but it packs a powerful message! It's a bit unsettling, but, that's exactly the point, and it's the kind of movie we need more of these days! I'm going to remain vague in this review only so that I won't give away the plot details; seriously, you should watch this, but, prepare to be shocked!

Content Concerns:
  • Sex: A non-graphic childbirth scene. 4/5
  • Nudity: A woman is seen in the shower, though critical areas are obscured. 4/5
  • Language: None. 5/5
  • Violence: A graphic description of an abortion procedure; some bloody visuals. 2/5
  • Drugs: None. 5/5
  • Frightening/Intense Scenes: Freaky visuals, which are accompanied by creepy music, are seen throughout; some emotional intensity is present as well. 1/5
  • Other: A lack of closed captions or SDHs will prevent deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers from fully experiencing this film. 4/5
Score: 4.5/5

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