09 March 2015

Quickie Movie Review: "The Hunters"

Rated: PG for action/violence
Starring: Robbie Amell, Alexa Vega, and Michelle Forbes
Released: January 7, 2014
Synopsis: When their parents send out a distress call, it's up to brothers Paxton (Robbie Amell) and Tripp (Keenan Tracy), along with their friend Dylan (Alexa Vega, Spy Kids), to save them.  Dylan knows something the guys don't, though: Their parents are part of an ancient society called the Hunters, who hunt down magical artifacts to keep them from getting into the wrong hands.  With villains who will stop at nothing to thwart their plans, Paxton, Tripp, and Dylan are in for the rides of their lives.  Will they be able to save their parents...and the world?

My Review: This movie feels like a video game or an old-school serial: big on action, and with plenty of fantasy elements mixed in.  You could almost say it's a throwback, in a way.  Though I enjoyed the movie for the most part, I thought there still could have been a bit more action, and that one of the final scenes could have been improved.  The ending leaves room for a sequel; is one already on the way? Despite its issues, though, it was still a fun romp; one that I would never have discovered if a friend hadn't recommended it to me.

Content Concerns:
  • Sex: Kissing. 4/5
  • Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless guys. 4/5
  • Language: None that I heard. 5/5
  • Violence: Quite a few scenes involve kicking, punching, and the shooting of crossbows; nothing bloody or graphic, though at least one person dies. 3/5
  • Drugs: People drink alcohol at a party. 4/5
  • Frightening/Intense Scenes: Along with what was mentioned under "Violence," a man is seen turning into stone and crumbling, and some sequences are dark and eerie. 3/5
  • Other: A bit of product placement. 4/5
Score: 4/5

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