06 July 2015

Book Review: "Jumper"

Author: Steven Gould
Published: August 1992 by Tor
Synopsis: After his mother walked out on him, Davey has been stuck living with his abusive father, seemingly unable to escape...until one day he discovers something remarkable: He has the power to teleport or "jump" anywhere in the world! He uses his new-found ability to hang out with his girlfriend and find his estranged mom...but, when his special power is no longer a secret, it puts him and everyone he loves at risk.

The Good: I've always been fascinated by teleportation; in fact, that was always the special power I wished I had. Jumper makes for a fun fantasy in that regard, and causes you to think about what you would do if you had that same ability, or any similar superhuman skill. Davey is a likable protagonist; despite tough circumstances, he always shows courage, not to mention his affinity for libraries and books. Some scenes are appropriately heart-wrenching.

The Bad: As good as the core story was, the overuse of profanity--practically one per page!--was both offensive and annoying. Teenage sex is also mentioned, though not described in lurid detail. Discerning readers may take offense to those content issues.

Content Concerns: 
  • Sex: Implied intercourse between teenagers; an implied affair between adults. 2/5 
  • Nudity: The main character drops his pants to get a shot. 4/5 
  • Language: D-words, h-words, f-words, and s-words appear at least two dozen times each in this book; b-words and misuses of God's and Jesus' names, not quite as much, but still right many times. Slang for private anatomy is also used. 1/5 
  • Violence: A father whips his son with a buckle out of mere anger; someone dies as a result of a plane crash; the last part is rife with war violence. 2/5 
  • Drugs: One character is an alcoholic; the protagonist, however, proclaims himself to be drug-free in one scene. 4/5 
  • Frightening/Intense Scenes: The parental abuse; the death from the plane crash and the emotional aftermath; several characters' lives are put in jeopardy in the finale. 2/5 
Conclusion: Yet another good story ruined by too much unnecessary content. Discerning readers can do much better...and I think that's all I need to say.

Score: 2/5

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  1. Heh, I did try to give you a heads up. :-) I think it's a pretty phenomenal book but I agree that if a reader is bothered by profanity, that could keep them from enjoying it.