07 December 2015

Audiobook Review: "The Word of Promise": New Testament

Written by: God (original text) / Thomas Nelson, Inc. (translator/publisher)
Performed by: Michael York, Jim Caviezel, Stacy Keach, and an expansive cast
Published: 2007
Synopsis: Hear the New Testament come alive in dramatic audio theater! With a star-studded cast, a fully orchestrated soundtrack, and radio-play-style sound effects, this audio Bible is a treat for the ears! Listen to the words and teachings of Jesus, Paul, and John, taken directly from the beloved and trusted New King James translation!

The Good: Adapting the entire New Testament into an audio drama is an audacious task, especially considering how much of it is epistles, not to mention the weirdness of Revelation; however, the makers and performers do an awesome job.  The music and sound effects are very well done, and it sticks to the original text.  Though reading one of Paul's letters after another could be a bit dull, the makers kept my interest throughout.  Where this audio Bible shines the most is in its final book; it's the most demanding, but they pull it off well.

The Bad: As good as this is, I did have an issue or two:  First off, the dramatic swells of music and fade-outs at the end of every chapter were unnecessary, and took up extra time, which meant wasted space on my devices.  Also, the readers mistakenly read headings a time or two, which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that they were reading the most important Book ever written.

Conclusion: Many Christians want to read the entire Bible, but its length turns them off; at well over a thousand chapters, who could expect a non-reader to read it all the way through? This audio Bible would be a good solution for them; they can listen to it on the way to work, or while eating lunch; with modern technology, they could take it pretty much anywhere.  While it isn't perfect, it's definitely a wonder to behold, and it would be a great aid for Bible students everywhere.

Score: 4.5/5

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