04 May 2016

Quickie DVD Review: "3-2-1 Penguins!: Meet the Penguins!"

Synopsis: When he sees his twin sister Michelle sing a silly song after being scared of a television show, Jason finds it hilarious and decides to tell his intergalactic penguin friends...who respond by sharing their own secrets! Jason soon finds himself in front of a captive audience, and decides to share all his friends' secrets to get laughs! His friends are hurt, but Jason doesn't get why.  Will he learn the error of his ways?

My Review: I'm a longtime fan of Big Idea, and the animation in this was fabulous.  Like VeggieTales, this episode imparts a moral lesson that even many adults these days need to hear.  However, the DVD itself is a ripoff, as the main feature is merely half an hour.  You should probably check this out from the library instead of spending money on it.  Also, the back of the case says this is closed captioned, but, when I watched it, none came up.

Content Concerns: Nothing of note.  (What else would you expect from Big Idea?)

Score: 2.5/5

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