21 May 2016

Quickie TV DVD Review: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward: Future Shellshock!"

Synopsis: A technological mishap brings Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo a hundred years into the future! There, they meet Cody Jones, son of their allies Casey Jones and April O'Neil.  With all sorts of new technology, the year 2105 feels like a completely different world...but, there are still plenty of bad guys to fight.  Whether they're battling against body-snatching alien technology, reading a diary of events that take place after their return to 2005, or guarding Cody on a moon base, there's plenty of action and craziness to go around!

My Review: The other DVD of this season was among the first ones I reviewed on this site, and the one that woke me up to superhero cartoons in general.  That may make me biased, but, I still very much enjoyed this first half of the Turtles' sixth season.  The action, the animation, the voice work, the stories...all wonderful.  I know some fans of the franchise derided this season, but, I love it; if you haven't seen it, you should give it a chance.  The only complaints I have are a lack of closed captions and subtitles and it being a bit edgier than I expected; see below for details on the latter.

Content Concerns: The rating on each episode warns of "fantasy violence," and there's plenty of that here...but, what would a superhero show be without it? What surprised me was the scariness of some of the villains, and the episode where the Turtles turn into freaky monsters.  Even more shocking was the language; though there was no actual profanity, the word "shell" was used at least one or two times per episode as a euphemism for other words, i.e., "What the shell?", or "Let's kick some shell!" Some profane expressions are left unfinished, such as, "What the...?"

Score: 4/5

(This is my four hundredth review!)

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