08 June 2016

TV DVD Review: "What's New, Scooby-Doo?": The Complete Third Season

Synopsis: It's the last hurrah for this reboot of those mystery-solving meddling kids and that insane Great Dane, Scooby-Doo! Between a video game convention gone awry, a coral monster threatening beachgoers, and a headless snowman preventing a small town from their Christmas celebrations, this season has some of their craziest mysteries yet!
Featuring voice work by Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Taylor Lautner (Twilight), and James Belushi, among others.  Also features an appearance by Smash Mouth and music by CCM bands Calibretto 13 and Relient K.

My Review: For the most part, this final season delivers what I've come to expect from this franchise: action, excitement, humor, mystery, and, overall, good, clean fun.  However, I'm kind of glad this was the last season, as the makers seemed to be running out of ideas.  One episode had Fred, Daphne, and Velma seemingly missing in action, though the former character was mentioned in the opening credits.  Another one featured Shaggy as a pro golfer, and showed him and Velma as you've never seen them before; that is, totally unlike their usual selves.  Still, on the whole, this was a nice send-off, though, as we all know, the franchise still continued on after this!

Content Concerns: The main concern is the monsters; though mostly just people in suits, they look and act scary enough that it may bother some young children.  Also, though there's no actual profanity, the characters do have a tendency to overuse the euphemism "heck".  One other thing of note: An episode that takes place on a beach features many people in swimwear, including Daphne in a bikini top, though the animation style makes it a bit less sultry.  All of that is small potatoes compared to the garbage that constantly infiltrates the airwaves today; still, that may be too much for some viewers.

Score: 4/5

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